Short Description:

TM-GP05L EU Green Pass code features
1.The EU Green Pass code function can be enabled/disabled
2.The temperature measurement function can be enabled or disabled
3.Mask detection function can be turned on/off
4.Can achieve: QR code verification + tempe

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product specification

Model TM-GP05L
Product Name Time Attendance
Algorithm BioTH5.0
Identification Mode 1:1,1:N
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Record Capacity 200,000
Identification Speed <1Sec
FRR <0.01
FRR <0.0001
Working Voltage 9V
Working style online
Identification Style Fingerprint/Password/Card
Name Display Yes
Communication TCP/IP, RS485, USB Line, USB Pen Driver,(GPRS,3G,4G,WIFI)
Access Control Yes
Inbuilt Bell Setting Bell
Installation Way Wall-Hung
LCD Size 2.8 TFT Color LCD
Product Size 180*130*38mm
Other Functions IC